animation picture 1
 Question : Compare these two pics ???
     But there's no presents for the winner. =0)
    Answer   : That's it ! Mark's in Ben's body
It couldn't be !

  animation picture 2
Nah ! nah nah nah ! nah 
So Funny ! Yep !
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1 /  VCD album : the vcd "In the Picture" has just released
                         interview, live performance, funny stuff ...                       with animation pictures
2/  The banD   has a special animtion Pic. 
                         It's also a small
          " Where  r  Ben, Paul, Christian, and Mark ??? "
            And just Click on that pic 2 find the answer 
            If I were  U, I  would  check  this  one  right  now. 
VIDEOclip Gif  Page   
                         ++ animation pics of Videoclips ++
                         Same old brand new you
                         Take on me
                         Like a rose
                         Ready or not
                         Summertime of our lives
            Surely ! U will be interested in this page.
4/  PICTURES   there  r not very little animation pics
                                especial a  hot  one

5/  Funny Java A1
A1 tunnel - vortex sex
                        A1 the bump, A1 snow, A1 their noses

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