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video CD

At last, everything you ever wanted to see of A1 all on one video ! Here are our videos so far plus a whole lot more. We've recorded a special acoustic version of One More Try plus filmed a couple of killer tracks from our UK 2K tour. We've given our most indepth and intimate interviews ever. We'll take you behind the sences at our video shoots. And we'll show you the best and funniest bits from the video footage we've filmed ourselves over the last year.
So get your mates round, get the popcorn out and get yourself in the picture !
Lots of love
( from A1 - In the picture )

Featured Tracks: Video Promo in the VCD

Living The Dream - a1's own video
Be The First To Believe - Promo
Summertime Of Our Lives - Promo
Everytime / Ready Or Not - Promo
Like A Rose - Promo
Take On Me - Promo
One More Try - Exclusive Acoustic performance
Celebrate Our Love / a1 In Japan - a1's Own Video
No More - Exclusive Live Performance
Beatles Medley - Exclusive Live Performance

Same Old Brand New You - Promo

Let's begin !
are you ready ?
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A1 - ninja !

A1 - The fun

A1 - The KID


Be the first 2 believe


Once more try

No more

Beatles Medley

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