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If  U  r  already  the fan of   them. U don't  need  2  read  this.
But  If  U  r not. And U wanna get mails from A1. 
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(  This the mailing list of the Official A1 Web Sites )

" All you have to do is click here and leave your name, address and email address in the mailing list box. From then on we'll make sure you get the news first & most exclusive information sent direct to you by email. If you don't have email, don't worry - you will continue to get news sent to you in the post, but there's so much more you could be getting, so if you can come and join the party with a1 online. If you don't have your own p.c. at home then you should be able to log onto your school one or ask a friend.

The a1 website is the best way to get up-to- the-minute information about what a1 are up to plus you can get special access to material we just can't send you any other way. On-line you will find; special audio clips; video clips from the recording studio & on tour; interactive cards from a1, competitions, games and much much more. If you're on our e-mail list you're guaranteed to get this stuff first!

If you go join the a1 mailing list online now we'll enter you into a fantastic competition to get a pair of front row tickets for the a1 tour for this October & November. "