This is the story about the guys name ... A1  
Best actor, and the winner is ....A1
I 'm Roger Johnson for Pop News standing outside the area waiting for
Oh my GOD !
Here they come

        Aren't  they lucky, these Hollywood guys ?
        They're so  LUCKY.
they 're a star.
        But they smile smile smile in their ........

                             1/   LIVE iNTERVIEW MUSIC 365
2/  Interview in Singapore
                            3/  Questions & Answers :



MUSIC 365 Answers
Meet and greet Ben and Paul from A1 Ben Paul
If you could duet with anyone, what song would you choose and with who? Ben Paul
What's the most embarrassing CD you own? Ben Paul
Plastic surgery, money no object, what would you have done? Ben Paul
Which Spice Girl could you be and why? Ben Paul
What was the worst gig you ever played? Ben Paul
What is the biggest sacrifice youíve had to make to get you here? Ben Paul
Who would you be on Stars In Their Eyes? Ben Paul
Who's autograph would you ask for? Ben Paul
Do you know how to turn a computer on? Ben Paul
Recommend your favourite Internet bookmark, book, movie, & record Ben Paul
Can you teach us something in a foreign language? Ben Paul
And finally, tell us a joke... Ben Paul

Interview in Singapore

Jaime: Hello
Paul:    Hello

Jaime: Whatís your Fave eye shadow color? 
            Whatís your Fave brand of foundation?

Paul:   Mac, all the way. Itís the only one I know!

Chris:   I donít know. I donít think any of us loves makeup. I think we all dislike wearing it, but weíre really happy to insist!

Ben:   When we go on TV, because the lights are so bright, every tiny lil  blemish shows up. So everybody wears it, sorta disillusion everybody, itís not just a1 that wear a lotta makeup. EverybodyÖ

Paul:    Oasis wears makeup, basically.

Ben:     Yeh, Oasis wears makeup!

Jaime: Say that again, really loud!


Ben:     Woh!

Jaime: Severe nudity! Arrgh!

Mark:   Aah! I hope Iím not getting into any trouble now.  Youíre gonna get a little more nudity now! So I think you have to censor some bits!

Ben:      Let me let you in to a secret!

Jaime:  Yes!

Ben:      Sssssssss

Jaime:  Exclusive secret

Ben:      I have curly hair, you see ?

Jaime:  Huh? 

Ben: You see, itís got liíl kinks in it. So what I have to do, Iím not a girl, Iím not a girl, Iím a boy, but I still use these.  These are called hair straighteners. What they are, are basically like an iron, you iron your clothes, this is basically ironing your hair. So basically it serves out all the kinks into nice, straight, ironed hair ......... See the difference there?

Jaime:  Yep!

Ben:      It even makes strange noises when it goes like that! 

Jaime:  Hah. Hah.

Jaime:  Hallo!

Mark:    Hello.

Jaime:  Are you wearing lipstick? 

Mark:    No, I havenít actually. I have notÖ...

Ben:      Thatís for your weekend!

Mark:    Ok, itís on of those.  Weíre really really looking forward to the show, as you may know, this is our second time back in Singapore. We had such a good time last time, we couldnít wait to come back, and to be greeted with so much good news, like our single being number 1, the album going platinum and of course big time that we got a TV special. It was absolutely wicked. It was so exciting!


What's the best pop-star adventure you've experienced ? 
Are you afraid of gangster rapper Puff Daddy?                           
If you were a girl, which Backstreet Boys would you date  ?
Are a1 gonna make it through the 21st Century? 
Who's the last famous person you snogged ?                            
How many pairs of trainers do you own? 
Can you ever resist a freebie? 
What are you like after 10 beers ? 
Who's your best mate in the world? 
Would you be strutting your stuff or hiding behind a rock at a nudie beach?            
What's your filthiest habit?
What are you an a1 at?
How many ways can you say I love you?                             
Groan. Ever been caught with your pants down? 
Ever had a summer love?     
What tips would you give for getting through boring school hols?
What's the best look for summer?                                         

What's the best pop-star adventure you've experienced? 
Christian  Once, we were performing at two gigs at two different venues one after the other, and we had to do something very special to make it on time - a car would simply not be enough. So we did one gig in Surrey, hurried off-stage, ran into a waiting car that drove us out into a big field where there was a helicopter on standby! We took the helicopter to the airport where a police escort was waiting! Man, we felt like the American President or something. Now that was really pop-starry!

Are you afraid of gangster rapper Puff Daddy? 
Christian: I don't think he's a big threat to me, personally. I hope not, anyway! I'm certainly not afraid of him. I really respect him as a producer and an artist, I think he's really cool, so hopefully, he'll respect us as well. I've never met him before, though....

Quick! What three words rhyme with chicken? Christian (Panicky) Ooh, er... ticken masala! Haha! Oh, er... frickin' is a good one! And lickin'! And pickin'! (Satisfied grin) How's that?

If you were a girl, which Backstreet Boys would you date? 
Christian  (deadpans) Now this is very difficult. After all, I think Kevin is the most handsome but I must admit Brian seems more sensible... I think I'd choose Brian. (The rest collapse in giggles) And you know, Brian and I have the same background 'cos we went to the same high-school together! 
Paul: (Guffawing) They could be prom dates! Haha! (Everyone goes hysterical) 
Christian : (hurriedly) But, hey, I am a boy so, seriously, I'd rather date someone from the Spice Girls than the Backstreet Boys!

Are a1 gonna make it through the 21st Century? 
Christian  Let's see. I'll be 123 years old by the time we hit the next century so hopefully, I'll get to live to see 124! If you're wondering if our music is gonna last, I think so 'cos we haven't really showed all there is to a1 yet - there are still many puzzles to be unveiled. Which a1 tune makes a good make-up song? 
Paul: (Cheekily) Well, it depends on what kind of rhythm I'm on. Haha! But, I'd have to say for me it'd be 'Heaven By Your Side'. Always will be! Mark: (Protesting) What about 'Like a Rose'? Paul (Disgusted) But I can't make out to Ben's voice! Eeeugh!

Who's the last famous person you snogged? 
Paul  We actually interviewed Mariah Carey in England and when I was saying bye to her. I actually gave her a kiss on the cheek and she just wouldn't let go! Actually, she couldn't 'cos I was holding on to her arm. Haha! But, yeah, that was the last famous person I snogged.

How many pairs of trainers do you own? 
Paul  Oooh! This is really deep, dirty stuff, huh? (Thinking)Um... four peirs. That's not too pop-starry, is it? I've got one for the gym, one we had to wear in the first video that I never wear at all and... yeah, four!

Can you ever resist a freebie? 
Paul  Well, I'm not really a freebie person so I can resist a freebie, yes!

What are you like after 10 beers? 
Paul  Hey, Ben, answer this one for me, will ya? 
Ben     He's very funny, he laughs at absolutely anything! In fact, he's pretty much the same as when he's normal, no difference. Haha! 

Who's your best mate in the world? 
Ben   My best mate is someone called Toby! I used to go to school with him and he used to have really long hair like Hanson but he's chopped it all off. He's still my best mate in the world. (Notices the rest of the band glaring at him) Oh! Er... and the rest of the band roo, of course!

Would you be strutting your stuff or hiding behind a rock at a nudie beach? 
Ben  : Well, if I'm at a nudie beach, I've obviosly gone there to sunbathe starkers...
Paul  (Cuts in) Or watch nude women! Haha! 
Ben (Grinning) I'd probably strut my stuff. If I'm not gonna strut my stuff I may as wall go to a non-nudie beach. But, no, I've never been to a nudie beach. Christian did, though... 
Christian  (Wide-eyed) My friend had a cabin on a nude beach and he didn't tell me this till I was on the plane on the way there! But it was great! I was wind-surfing completely naked! 
(Wide grin) It was very liberating!

What's your filthiest habit? 
Ben  In England I leave my chewing gum everywhere, even in the recording studio! (Rest of band nod vigorously) I'll just, like, leave it on the music stand or anywhrere for the next artist like Tina Turner or Sting to have a good chew on. Haha! (Suddenly nervour) Can I just point out that I don't do it here?

What are you an a1 at? (Looks pleadingly at Paul) 
Paul  (Helpfully) Nothing. You're crap at everything, Ben. 
Ben     (Groaning) I don't know... 
Paul  (Generously) Tell you what: Ben is a1 at singing (folksy Grammy winner) Tracey Chapman songs, live! (Explains) There was this gospel concert for the millennium in England where all these famous people like Boy George and Conner Reeves performed, and everyone wasn't expecting us to sing very well. Then Ben got on stage and sang "Talking About a Revolution' by Tracy Chapman. (Excitedly) It was the best song of the whole night! I was so proud! We were all there going, "Yeeeaah!" 
Ben    I was so nervous I was absolutely poo-ing myself!

Can you resist popping your zits? 
Ben    (Smugly) I don't really get any zits - I have perfect skin. (Everyone groans) What's my secert to perfect skin? Popping your zits - so they aren't there anymore. Hahaha! What do you think of guys who wear sarongs (ie David Beckham)? 
Mark   (Smugly) There's nothing 'sa-roong' with it. Hahaha! Whatever, each to their own, I think it's pretty funky. Why should girls get to wear all the good stuff? It's a problem we need to a-dress. Haha!

Groan. Ever been caught with your pants down? 
Mark  (Embarrassed) Yes. When we were doing a video shoot in the Bahamas, I was with a girl from an American football team - she had a curfew 'cos their team was pretty strict - and, er... I can't really be sure whether my pants were down at the time (Paul starts giggling) but it was four in the morning and her coac found us on her balcony and went absolutely ballistic! He was a scary-looking fella and he was yelling at the top of his voice, 'Get outta here! Get outta!'

How many ways can you say I love you? 
Mark: (Singing loudly) I love you! I... love... you. I love you! I! Love! You! (Suddenly quiet) There's only one way you can say 'I love you', and that's with true feeling. 
Paul  (Starts gagging) Get outta here!

Ever had a summer love?

Ben  Yes, several. They were fantastic but fizzled out when I got back to Britain because I'd always see yummy British girls instead. British girls are my favourites!

What tips would you give for getting through boring school hols?

Ben Boring?! I always went mad and had a lot of fun in the holidays. But if you get bored go and see your mates and do everything you can't do at school.

What's the best look for summer?

Ben  For girls - not a lot! For lads, a nice sleeveless T-shirt and trousers and trainers, I'm not really into shorts and flip-flops.