What's your favourite scary movie?

I've walked the jungle, fought a lion with bare hands.
The prince of darkness I'm a far better man.
I've walked the dessert never feared for my own.
Where lightning strikes I'll always go.

Eye of the Tiger not afraid to attack, like Frankenstein, flat on my back.
That Witch's magic took nothing from me.
Cos you're the one whose gotta spell over me.

If you're looking for danger here I come, you'd better look out it's just begun.
There's something that I want you to know.
One thing that I'm scared of is losing hold of you.
Get these shivers down my spine, feel my body turning blue.
The feeling is so frightening it's driving me insane.
One thing that I'm scared of
Is losing hold of you

The Terminator said he will be back, fight fire with fire that's a natural fact.
Tell me your nightmare, I'll give you my dream.
I will protect you whenever you scream.

(I could've swore I heard her screaming)

Because you're always there, to let me know.
Sometimes we all get scared, I'm telling you I can't let you go oh!.
(while chorus is going second time round)

I can feel it in the air and my fever's going down.
There's a chill across the town, uh-oh-ooh-hoh!

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