Words & Music: Ben Adams & Christian Ingebrigtsen

I'm tired of fighting, got a fever when you try to get out. (Out, out, out)
I've tried but I can't understand what all the fuss is about.
I wish that I could be the man that you wanted me to be.
I need you to see.
I try and I try, yet I can't seem to fly.
My soul full of pain when you cry, I wish I was perfect and God knows I try.
But everything I do just tears your heart in two, I wonder why.

I never thought that being lovers meant that we can't be friends
If only I could understand
(something wrong with this line)

What can’t I say what make you stay and stop breaking free from me
I need you to see.
Can't you see
It's killing me, it's not the way things used to be.
Can you remember yesterday, we used to smile without a care
Whenever you and I were near
Can't you see that I wanna be with you.
Oh baby!
Oh – oh – oh, everything I do, tears your heart in two.


………………………Repeat Till End.

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