Paul  learns to drive that special car  ?
Da  fa"llt  mir gerade ein !!!!!
Be careful ! Watch out ! Heh
What is he goin to do ? Check for "TAKE ON ME" viedoclip

I have a larger format. 
But  the larger format, the more size is.
If U wanna get it. OK ! and wanna make friend with U

When I first  saw him in the videoclip  " Like a Rose ". I thought that he is the baby in A1
But......Do U have the same thinking like me ?
Well He's the oldest 
Notice : He 's afraid of ........ Pigs

Full name    
                Paul Thomas Leo Marazzi
Woa Woa                        24th January 1975
Born                                Wanstead, London

Height                             5ft 5
Hair colour                      Dark Brown

Mum and Dad                  Maria and Ivan
1 Sister                           Shareen

The one word He'd use to describe himself as is      Small

Celeb Crushes                 Salma Hayek and Michelle Pfeiffer

Obsession                       Pigs

Y'alright? I'm Paul and I'm the oldest member of a1. I grew up in the East End until I was 11, and then Hertfordshire. When I was 18, I moved to just outside Benidorm in Spain. I'm a Spanish citizen and that's where my heart is.

I did lots of different things before I joined a1. I modelled for Christian Dior once on the Spanish equivalent of the Clothes Show, but I've also been a representative for a food company on the Costa Blanca, I've filmed dancers and hypnotists, I've worked in a burger bar and danced in a night-club. That was the best job, because I got paid to do something I love.

I've always loved music but I didn't start singing properly until two years ago when a record producer discovered me in my dad's karaoke bar on New Year's Eve. I did some demo tapes for him, but then I read about an audition for a1 and went for it, thinking it would be good experience. I was the only one chosen, so I thought, I have to do something about this!

My dad's so proud of me, because not only am I living out my dream, but his too! He used to be in a band in the '60s called the In-Betweens, and he's really helped me appreciate so many kinds of music.

I'm a good singer even though my voice isn't trained, and I'm also a natural dancer. I learn moves really quickly, so I help with the choreography as well! The others would probably describe me as funny or funky... but yeah, I probably do tell the best jokes in the group!

The band