What a nice show. Huh ?
It's like " MATRIX". Kinda movie ???

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Well ...
This is the most muscular guys in A1.But this guy loves cartoon like a cute kid.                        
Let's check him.

Full name                                Mark Daniel Read
When he first said                  7th November 1978
Born                                       Epson, Surrey, UK


Height                                    6ft
Hair colour                             Brown

Mum and Dad                          Pamela Jane and Keith
2 Brothers
                             Colin and Gary

Fave food                               Spaghetti Bolognese (spag bog)
Himself                                   Disney- his Fave animated films are 
                                              "Toy story", "Bugs life", and 
                                              "The Lion king."

Celeb Crushes                        Mariah Carey

Obsession       white chocolate milkshakes with m'n'm's mixed in!,
                      and fluffy stuff.

Hello everybody. I'm Mark and even though I'm not the oldest member of a1, I feel a bit like the dad of the band 'cause I like to be organised and look out for the rest of the guys! But I'm also really friendly and energetic too!

I come from a very musical family, and I've been playing piano since I was two years old! At the age of 11, I joined my parents' band and we'd do all kinds of covers from the '60s until the present - I learnt what people do and what they don't like. When I was 12, we started playing on cruise ships that went everywhere!

When I was 15, I performed in front of 20,000 people in Rumania. I represented England in a song festival there and I won the contest as Best Young Newcomer. It was great fun and a brilliant learning experience for me!

All the while, I was juggling school as well. Everyone at school knew me as the Piano Man. They were always asking me to play the new chart songs for them and they always told me that one day I'd make it big!

It's a funny story how I joined a1! My brother's in a band too and when I went to one of their gigs, I was the one who was approached by a manager! The manager asked if I could sing and write songs and whether I'd be interested in joining a band like a1. I felt really guilty because my brother's band were looking for their break, but my manager didn't want to split them up.

I've been incredibly lucky 'cause everything's been perfect in my life. But I'm still trying to improve and be the best I can be!