Run ...Run...Run. !!!
Who runs after him ?
Well, Das ist virus "Love BUG"
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Full name                         Christian Ingebrigtsen
Birth                                25th January 1977
Born                                Oslo,Norway


Hair colour                      Blonde
Height                             5ft 6
Mama and Papa                Inger, Stein
1 brother, 1 half sister

The one word He'd use to describe himself is         Sensitive

Celeb Crushes                Cat Deeley
Obsession                      Chocolate milkshakes 
                                     His natural blonde hair!


Hi, I'm Christian. I'm 24 and originally I come from Oslo in Norway.

I've grown up with music all my life because my dad used to be a famous pop star in Norway and my grandfather was a violin player in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. I remember going on tour with my dad when I was three. I'd look out from the curtains and wish it was me singing on stage instead!

When I was very young I'd sit at the piano and slam at it trying to make sounds. I started having lessons when I was ten and began making up my own tunes. But my family never pushed me into music, they always made me feel I had to work hard for everything!

I like sports, especially football and I used to be a coach for a small team. At school, I also did a lot of acting - always as the funny guy or the bad boy! When I went on an exchange trip to America, I started singing. I got a lead role in a local production of the musical Oklahoma which received a lot of publicity! I was even awarded the highest honour by the state of Kentucky for my achievements in performing arts!

After secondary school, I came to England to study at Paul McCartney's 'Fame' school in Liverpool, which was great! While I was there, a1's manager called and asked if they knew anybody who'd be suitable for the group - and they chose me!

I'm sensitive and thoughtful, but I'm also probably the most serious member of a1! I don't do a lot of wild stuff, but I do want to work hard and make a1 the best we can be!

The band